10 Fun Ways To Turn Your Photos Into Sales

Ever get tired of the client who comes in and buys one image from you? Change that around, and give them more to buy.

1. Sell your Moo cards. I love Moo cards to market my business, but why not sell them to your clients too? Perfect for engagement photos, have the bride and groom give them out as favors, or as thank you cards on the table.

2.Create customized iPad or iPhone covers. Why not take one of your photographs, and convert it into a crowd-pleasing iPad or iPhone cover? You’ll be the talk of the town.

3. Put your photos on, well, anything. Thanks to Zazzle and Café Press, you can put your photos on just about anything, and sell them to your customers. Corny? Maybe. But why not use it to boost up your business, especially when they are doing it anyway.

4. Sell to the microstock houses. You’re out shooting anyway. Why not take some for your client, and some for a microstock site? Make sure you get model releases if you photograph people, otherwise use the surrounding area for inspiration.

5. Turn your photographs into art. Head over to Etsy, or check out one of Stampington & Company’s magazines – I love Artful Blogging. There are some amazing ideas there, and you’ll quickly discover you can do anything with a little imagination.

6. Design a bag. From purses, to handbags, to book bags, you can put a photograph on just about anything. Why not let them carry your photographs?

7. Digitize your images. Instead of selling loose photographs, why not load them up into a digital frame? With many different styles now, you’ll be able to give this your own unique style.

8. Stay on top of everything cool about photography. Visit sites like Photojojo often, and come up with ways to use some of their cool and exciting products. Maybe a special baby or teen promotion.

9. Teach instead of take. Everyone has a digital camera these days, but know one knows how to use them. Teach a class, and let them see your true talents.

10. Create your own line of greeting cards. Many companies make greeting cards these days – create several and package them up. Create different themes, and you’ll quickly have a great side business.

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