10 Signs You Are On The Road To Success

How do you know if your business is on the right track, and is heading towards success?

1. You have a profit at the end of the year

The first and easiest sign of a successful business is taking in more revenue then you’ve spent on expenses. If your business shows any profit, you know you’ve achieved the first skill required for growing a successful business.

2. You receive referrals from a past client

When someone sends a referral to you, you know your products, services and customer service have reached a level of appreciation by your clients. They think enough of you to put their trust in sending family and friends your way.

3. You receive referrals from vendors

The majority of our new wedding clients didn’t come from brides and grooms, they came from wedding planners and reception sites. While a bride has a certain level of expectation, multiple that tenfold within the industry. When you get this first vendor referral, nurture the relationships like it is gold – they can be great referral partners for life.

4. People recognize your name

Have you ever headed out to a networking event, and met someone that said, “I’ve heard of you, my cousin used your services”. When your name gains traction in your community, you know you are marketing effectively, and you are beginning to build up a successful reputation.

5. You have repeat business

When people like you, they stay put. They don’t head out looking for other photographers that offer different things. They know your style, your terms, your ability, and they are happy. If they feel well taken care of, they have no reason to move on and look elsewhere.

6. Other photographers recognize you

While its nice to keep some things secret to your success, nothing feels better than having a photographer look up to you and ask for advice. When you are viewed as an authority, its time to move up on the ladder of success.

7. People seek your advice through speaking and writing

When that first magazine comes knocking on your door asking for an interview, you know your work is well received. People flock to you and want to know more about you – what drives your success. This is the time to begin putting your system into place, helping you discover exactly the road you took to achieve your current status.

8. You have raving fans

While its great to have referrals coming from your best clients, you know you’ve reached a new level when you have raving fans. A raving fan doesn’t just refer you; they rave about you. They know your business almost better than you do, and they spend a lot of time talking about you. They build up so much excitement in the person they are referring, you’ll often get a phone call from a person that says, “I’d like to book you, and here is my credit card.” The sale is made long before you have any contact whatsoever.

9. You have more time

When things begin to work and flow naturally, you’ll quickly discover you have more time. It’s much easier to keep your plans, strategies and systems working than it is to create new. When they work, you spend a small amount of time keeping them in place, and use the rest of the time to do the things you enjoy – even if it is expanding your business.

10. You love what you do

The more you love what you do, the better you get, and the more it doesn’t seem like work at all. If you can’t imagine NOT doing this for the rest of your life, you’ve made it to the top. Everything works the way it should, you have the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it, and it becomes the center of your world. You have built time for everything you love, both in and outside of your business, and the magic keeps

Where are you on the road to success? I’m guessing you see yourself somewhere in this list. What are you doing to stay on track, and continue to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

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  1. Really useful check list! I can say yes! to alot, but not yet them all. OK I’ll get my head down and crack on! Back to Lunchbox World!


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