10 Sites To Find Freelance Photography Work

Updated on August 27th, 2015

Whether you’re looking to pick up one or two photography jobs a week, or looking to fill your days with several different clients, there are ways of connecting up with people online for little or no cost to you.

There is a great number of sites where you can find immediate freelance photography work. If a while back we have created a post on 10 such platforms, we knew there had to be more opportunities for you. Below is an updated selection of sites offering photographer jobs to make you start shooting and boost your profits.

Take a look at these sites, and start shooting!


Indeed is a well-known job search engine. It pulls all types of jobs, from full time employment to freelance opportunities. By only typing ‘freelance photographer’, you are given a variety of photography job opportunities to choose from.

Indeed - Photography Jobs Screenshot

Sharp Shooter Imaging

While this isn’t really freelance work, and you would be working for Sharp Shooter, they have some interesting opportunities to photograph at ski resorts and other fun locations all over the U.S. and Canada. Check out their Careers page and see if there is anything suitable for you.

sharp shooter - find freelance photography jobs


Cool Works

Cool Works is another site offering a wide range of freelance work. These vary from guide jobs to hospitality jobs and teaching. Even if you don’t find a photography job here, you may find seasonal employment that puts you in an amazing place, and allows you to take amazing photographs anyway.

Cool Works - find photography jobs online


There’re several ways you can connect with potential clients on Craigslist, all for free. Type the area that interests you as well as the category of jobs you are looking for. Also, you can surf through the classifieds, or offer your photography on the services page.

Craiglist - find freelance photography jobs online



iFreelance is a social site for freelancers where you can build your profile and participate in a community of people looking for freelance work. There are diverse photography services offered on this platform from commercial to outdoor and wedding photography. Find the niche that best defines your photographic work and get started.

ifreelance - find freelance photography jobs website

Freelance Designers

Freelance Designers connects everyone in the design industry on one site, from graphic and web designers to writers and photographers. List your information to join the directory, then check back as opportunities open up in your area of interest. Freelancers are here listed by location and service in the USA.

freelance designers - find photography jobs online

Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom is designed as a great source for moms who want a little extra income on the side. However, this is another great resource for freelancers of all types where one can create a profile and watch as jobs are posted. If you are looking for flexible, home-based work opportunities, it might be the ideal site for you.

hire my mom - freelance photography jobs online

Freelance Writing

Sometimes, you need to think about partners as well. What goes better with a story than a photograph? This writing site is filled with opportunity for freelance photographers.

freelance writing - find freelance photography jobs here

Freelance Photo Jobs

This site is designed exclusively for photographers. Head over and hunt through the postings looking for photography services. As you will see, there is a great number of areas of expertise where you can find work, from sports photography to real estate photography and many more.

Freelance Photo Jobs Website


Sadly, the following website you may have looked at is no longer available.

GoGreelance was a great place for people to list specific jobs they were looking for  – and for you to have picked up work in your area of expertise.


For more photography jobs and work opportunities, check another post entry update from 2011 – 10 More Sites To Peruse For Freelance Photography Jobs.

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  1. Though Craigslist is the Wild West of the Internet and caution is required, I have photographed pets, couples and families in Chicago and Wisconsin through promotions placed on Craigslist.

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