10 Things To Inspire Your Photography

How many times a week do you take a few minutes and just start surfing? Some say that’s a big time waster, but I use it as inspiration. I start with an email or a link from a friend, and just start following things.

So here’s my list of 10 cool sites to inspire your photography.

1. FlakPhoto is a photography blogzine that’s filled with photography projects from every corner of the world. You’ll find photo essays, book projects and gallery exhibitions.

2. Rocktographers has the most amazing images of, well, rocks. The diamond kind that is. This will help you think outside the box when trying to come up with that unique photo at your next wedding. (Or for your commercial shoot.)

3. MCP Actions has a lot of cool Photoshop actions, ready to help you make your photography more saleable, and shorten up the time you spend on your computer.

4. Want to see what the Canon EOS 5D Mark II can do? I was amazed.

5. It’s all about perspective and anticipating what your subject is going to do. Check out these photos of skateboarders, and learn a thing or two about perspective and capturing a photo that speaks volumes.

6. We all know photographers love their toys. Here’s an interesting article on the most expensive camera lenses available.  Not on that list, one of my favorites is the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM. What’s yours?

7. I’ve been fascinated with stories from Dubai lately. So this picture of construction in Dubai City captured my attention.

8. Thinking about becoming a fine art photographer? Maybe its time to check out SOHO Photo. A gallery for photographers.

9. For holiday gift ideas, or a little bit of inspiration, I love heading to the masters. In this case Ansel Adams has a dynamic collection of work ready to inspire anyone.

10. And of course I love finding groups of photographers to network with. Check out Women In Photography.

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