10 Things To Make Your Photography Better

The key to making you a better photographer is to study others that are doing it better than you. I still learn something new every day, and am enthralled with what some people can do.

1. Yes, it’s true, I love the Olympics. Where else can you find all of the worlds best in one location? They make everything seem so effortless. Even the opening ceremonies were something inspiring. Check out the best of the best photos from opening day. (note: it does take a while to load, but its worth the wait)

2. I found this site, and spent quite a few minutes going through the pages. How fun to see all of her resources and see her stories. Make sure you check out her Real Wedding – A Worldly Wedding.

3. As a wedding photographer, why not become a Luxurious Wedding Photographer? Check out their blog filled with inspirational photographs from amazing photographers.

4. Yes, I know I get side tracked with weddings a lot. But they are so much fun, and how can you resist a billion dollar industry? Part of being a great photographer isn’t just photographing for your client; its also being a great resource. Go ahead and recommend resources for the disposable cameras you leave on reception tables. And why not try a photobooth? If its not in your area, how can you get it there?

5. Ever heard of wedding cinematography? It’s a new twist to videography. But even as a photographer, you can learn a thing or two about adding mystery and edginess to your photographs, watch this amazing presentation by Clear Vision Pictures Inc.

6. I love blogging – it really is the top way for gaining business right now. So occasionally I run into a photographer’s blog that’s doing one or two things right. Sandy Puc, right here in Denver, just a few miles from me, has a fantastic blog that showcases her amazing work.

7. While we’re talking about Sandy Puc, she started an organization that will definitely touch your heart, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Be prepared to bring out the tissues.

8. Want to win prizes, and become the Travel Photographer of the Year? Then enter this contest. Closing date is September 9th, so you still have time to get your best images together.

9. My daughter loves caves, so I found this article on cave photography to be interesting.

10. I’m always on the hunt for things that talk about the difference between amateurs and professionals. There is a distinct difference, and time will swing back in favor of the true professionals. Here’s a great article talking about this subject. A great line, “Good photography somehow can tell more, with its pulp and its present-ness.” Read more.

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