10 Things You Should Be Reading About Social Media

One of the hardest tasks during your workweek isn’t keeping up with clients or handling your daily production … its keeping up with the latest information on social media.

Every day something new is released in the social realm. Facebook adds a new feature. Or Google+ promotes a new way of doing business. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you quickly find out you don’t.

The only way to stay on top of it all is to spend a few minutes each day learning something new. Reading about it isn’t enough – once you read it, implement it.

Here are 10 things you should be reading that will help you even better at marketing your photography business through social media.

1. Find out the state of the blogosphere


Every year I head over to Technorati to read their latest State of the Blogosphere report and find out a little more about what people are thinking online. The 2013 copy is out and can help you plan how to grow your online presence by seeing what everyone else is up to.

2. Use Twitter when people are on Twitter


Did you know 57 percent Twitter of users communicate with people near them? Meaning if you are trying to build a business in your local community, Twitter is a great way of letting them know what’s happening right now. This study will give you plenty of ideas on how to use your Twitter account more efficiently.

3. Sizing your images for social media


Ever pop in an image into your Facebook header or your Twitter account, and have it all out of shape because its not the right size for the area? Use this Social Media Cheat Sheet to create the perfect size every time.

4. Think Instagram is just for mobile? Think again


No matter where people are – sitting at their desk or on the go – Instagram wants you to have access to all of your favorite images.

5. Ever heard of the Facebook card?


A new gift card has hit the scene. The Facebook Card is a renewable gift card that anyone can load up with funds from a variety of places – all on one reusable card. No more holding onto multiple gift cards from separate locations – everything is conveniently in one place.

6. Pinterest on the go


If you don’t have the ability to use Pinterest on the go, make sure you get the latest Pinterest iPhone and iPad app. It makes everything from posting, to editing, to commenting a little easier. And it’s a great way of being able to do a little posting no matter where you are or how much time you have.

7. Share quotes, ideas and thoughts a little easier


Love seeing bold, beautiful quotes come through Facebook or Pinterest? Give Boldomatic a try. This new app is a fun way to get your thoughts out there in a Bold way.

8. Video on Twitter? Try Vine


Graphics make your newsfeeds. And with Vine, you can have a short, looping video to grab their attention.

9. Get more into marketing with Glyder


Glyder is an iPhone app that allows you to share graphically pleasing marketing updates in an easy way. Use one of their predefined templates help share information, encourage them to check in, offer a daily deal, or even run a giveaway.

10. Use Panoramas on Tumblr


Have a Tumblr account? Are you using the new Panorama feature? Just one more way to stand out from the crowd.

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