10 Ways To Get Ready For The 2011 Senior Photography Market

Spring is finally here. As April turns into May, high schools around the country will be holding their graduation ceremonies. Which means today’s juniors will be starting the annual trek towards graduating themselves.

10. If you’re just starting out in the senior market, now is the best time to get started. This spring, many of the local high schools begin by holding a senior fair –an expo that puts juniors on the track to success for their upcoming senior year. This is the best time to make contact with juniors, and begin filling up your summer with senior portrait sessions.
marketing your high school senior photography business
9. Call up your local high schools and ask for the school newspaper staff. Many of the high school newspapers will allow you to purchase ads in the May edition. These papers are often sent home to families, emailed to parents, and make the rounds at school as well. Always put an image of a senior from the current school for recognition (if possible).

8. Work with the school groups. Every high school has a ton of clubs and groups to get involved in. From the spring play, to the marching band, to booster clubs for sporting events, everyone is looking out for more dollars to put towards their activities. Why not sponsor an event? With most schools, a little goes a long way. And with budget cuts at their highest level, most clubs will be happy to work with you and provide you with some exposure.

7. Advertise in community newspapers. Check with homeowners associations or local communities for advertising options. Become a regular advertiser, and your business will quickly be recognized for senior photographs and beyond.

6. Buy a list. Work with a printer or a list broker and buy a list of incoming seniors. You can purchase lists by zip codes and demographics, so know the areas you are interested in.

5. Send out postcards. Yes, postcards still work well. The way to make them work is to start a campaign – one postcard every week for the next 12 weeks. Now is the time families of juniors are making plans for the summer. Make sure you are a part of their plans by beating the other photographers to the marketing board.

4. Offer a 2011 deal. Focus on what matters to your clients the most. People shop for good deals, so there is no reason you shouldn’t offer one. Put together fun packages just for your 2011 clients.

3. Facebook? Definitely. Kids love Facebook – there is no way to hide from it. So why not give them what they want? Include Facebook options in some of your packages, and give them small files perfect for sharing with friends online. If you make the distinction in your packages, you are also educating them on the difference between digital files and your quality prints.

2. Create a Facebook app or page just for 2011. The great thing with Facebook is its free, and you can set up as many pages as you choose. Why not create something fun just for the class of 2011.

1. Go mobile. In my last post, I talked about a site that will help you make a customized app for your photography business. Why not make one especially for your seniors? Seniors love seeing each other – and they really do stick together.

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