1,000 True Fans For Your Photography Business

How many true fans do you need to have a successful photography studio?

A true fan is someone that doesn’t just buy from you – they love you. They follow you all the time. They buy whatever you are selling. They are lifetime clients.

But what does it take to get enough lifetime clients to have a successful studio? Kevin Kelly says it best in his post on 1000 True Fans.

In his post he specifically talks about an artist needs to grow his list to 1000 true fans in order to become successful. In theory, if you can sell $100 to 1000 true fans every year, you’ll easily become a six figure business.

Sounds easy, yes?

But the problem lies in business and marketing skills. Frankly, some people just aren’t cut out for finding and keeping true fans. Kelly says:

A more important caution: Not every artist is cut out, or willing, to be a nurturer of fans. Many musicians just want to play music, or photographers just want to shoot, or painters paint, and they temperamentally don’t want to deal with fans, especially True Fans. For these creatives, they need a mediator, a manager, a handler, an agent, a galleryist — someone to manage their fans.  Nonetheless, they can still aim for the same middle destination of 1,000 True Fans. They are just working in a duet.

For those that prefer to “do” their art, not their business, it’s time to hire someone that can help you find your True Fans.

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