11 Things To Photograph Before You Die

No matter what specialty you rely on for your income, a photographer always loves to try different things.

As we end the day, I decided to create my own list of things to photograph before you die. I love the books behind this inspiration, and thought it was time to create my own list. So here we go.

1. A newborn baby sound asleep.

25 things to photograph 1
photo source The Portrait Place

2. A child being a child.

25 things to photograph 2
photo source triggerhapi

3. An amazing sunrise.

25 things to photograph 3
photo source PatrickSmithPhotography

4. A scene from deep beneath the sea.

25 things to photograph 4
photo source pinhole

5. The moon from an interesting angle.

25 things to photograph 5
photo source Steiner62

6. A beautiful bride.

25 things to photograph 6
photo source rohtas

7. A field of flowers.

25 things to photograph 7
photo source adselwood

8. Motion.

25 things to photograph 8
photo source DamgaardPhotography

9. Fireworks in all their glory.

25 things to photograph 9
photo source Fraggie Red

10. A bird in flight.

25 things to photograph 10
photo source bocavermelha-l.b.

11. A picture worth a 1000 words.

25 things to photograph 11
photo source  bamako
…. continued – 9 Things To Photograph Before You Die

4 thoughts on “11 Things To Photograph Before You Die”

  1. Michelle, I agree. I’ve been having such great response from everyone on their choices, I’ll be doing more posts like this soon. Thanks for your ideas – keep them coming.

  2. This is a great idea. I have lost the creative eye for photography right now, so this might be a way to regain it.
    I am heavily involved in sports photography right now, mainly volleyball, and I need to try something else as well.
    Thanks for your post


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