3 Reasons You’re Making Your “Naming Your Photography Business” Process Too Difficult

You’ve been dreaming about photography “forever”. You’ve bought the perfect camera, you have all the accessories, you’ve even built up your portfolio with family and friends. But one thing is holding your back:3 Reasons You’re Making Your “Naming Your Photography Business” Process Too Difficult

Your business name

Naming your photography business can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people just getting started. You want the perfect name, want it to be memorable, and be able to grow with you for years into the future. Yet that desire is what’s holding you back. Here’s why.

1. Waiting for the perfect business name stops you in your tracks.

Everything associated with your name has to be put on hold until you make your final decision. You can’t get your tax license, register your business, or order business cards. So weeks, months, even years can go by waiting for the right name to “pop” into your brain. Funny thing is it rarely does. You’ll always have doubts. You’ll always have questions. And the longer you wait, the more your dreams of owning a photography business pass you by. The more you focus on your name, the more you focus on the wrong things. Clients want you – your photography – and the name is always secondary. If this is where you are stuck, make your decision today to start simple – Your Name Photography – if nothing else comes to you. You can always change the name or do a DBA (doing business as) later.

2. Cleverness can be a holdback.

Have you ever found a company with a cute name that may have made you laugh. Then the more you thought about, the more you questioned the integrity of the business? Yep, we all have. The owner started out with good intentions, yet the name takes on hidden meanings, depending on your background and the way you interpret things. A clever name doesn’t win clients. And a clever name can come back and hurt you, especially if society changes. (For example, shooting was a popular word a couple of decades ago until “shooting” became engrained in our society as a horrible thing.)

3. Clever or double meaning names can be lost or misunderstood.

So you’ve put a few words together that have a couple of meanings. You think its clever and people will love it. The problem arises when a potential client has no idea what it means, and they are left scratching their heads, wondering what kind of person came up with a name like that. Confusion should never be a part of your marketing plan. Sell them with your style, your branding, your colors and your look. Your name will always fall to the back of the “impact” if you have a tightly pulled together look that attracts people from the beginning.

For all of these reasons and more, I suggest to keep your naming process simple.

If you’ve been stuck for a while now, yes it can be as simple as going with your name – Your Name Photography – to start moving ahead in your goals and your dreams.

Another activity to get you moving in the right direction is to find a name that specifically says what you do. Take out a piece of paper and write down words associated with your business ideas. You may end up with words like:

  • Pets
  • Dogs
  • People and their pets
  • Cats

In this case, you can start simple with Pet Portraits or Best Friends Photography. It gets straight to the point, especially when displayed with your work.

Stay focused on what really matters – getting clients and growing your business – not on something that can be easily changed and modified as you grow.

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