3 Things Your Photography Clients Will Never Tell You … Unless You Ask

What’s the best way to grow your photography business? If you said “through referrals” you are correct. The concept of referral marketing involves two things:

1. Being able to make your clients even happier and more profitable throughout the years

2. Having each client refer you to their friends and family.

These two steps are all you need to grow your business without spending a ton more on marketing.

And while its easy to assume your clients are happy and referring you, its completely different than really knowing if its true. To get a handle on these two things requires you to ask each customer these three things.

#1 – Why did you choose to use me?

Customers are selfish by nature. When they decide to use a company or service, its because you have met all of their qualifications as a business owner. Yet every client has different qualifications. For some that might include great prices, good customer service, or a strong rapport – all of which they will rarely volunteer unless you ask for the information.

So ask them.

Find out what you are doing right. Then use that information to hone in and do more of it. When you start seeing patterns – multiple people focusing in on what they like best – you may have found a unique selling point that you can use in your marketing to attract more people, just like them.

#2 – Is there anything you wish I offered or would do differently?

As a small business owner, chances are you operate to a certain extent with blinders on. That’s not bad – its easy to do. You get so close to your business because you live it and breathe it everyday, that its hard to look beyond the norm for something new.

Your customers are the perfect resource to add an extra set of eyes to your business. They are already sold on you – now take it to the next level.

Dig Deeper: Find The Perfect Customers

Find out what else they want, and discover if there is a way you can give it to them. In some cases it may be referral resources; and in other cases it may be easy to add to your own list of products and services.

Either way, it’s a way to tap into additional revenue, and build an even stronger relationship with your clients.

#3 – Who should you refer?

People love using your services and buying your products. And chances are they have friends and acquaintances that would love you too. But your customers have busy lives and they don’t have time to talk about you with everyone they meet.

As you are working with each client, its easy to confirm in their minds what you look for in clients and how well the two of you are working together. Then give them a good reason to spread the word about you. You can provide “taglines” to help them quickly remember you when they are out and about. Or you can offer incentives as well – this works great with social groups like high school seniors.

The more effort you put into this, the more results you will see overall.

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  1. I like #2, getting their feedback on additional services or things they enjoy that you already do with your business. And it’s just a simple set of questions either in person, email or online poll.


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