3 Useful Online Photography Courses for Beginners

So, you’re new to digital photography and you would like some help to navigate through your new chosen path? That’s a wise move, we believe, because no matter how talented one is, one always needs some formal (or informal) education to help shape their talent and skills, to learn about the trade and to be meet other like-minded people. When it comes to photography, there is always something new or old to learn about, techniques that simply need to be mastered and cameras that need to be understood. That is why we’ve got some of the best online photography courses for beginners that will surely be useful to you!

Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography CourseOnline Photography Courses karl taylor

Karl Taylor’s Free Photography course will teach you the very basics of DSLR photography. There is quite a lot of information presented in the course, so you will need to take it seriously and dedicate a big chunk of your time to it. The course is made up of 14 instant lessons, which means that they are either in video form or as downloadable PDF sheet facts. The greatest thing about this is that there is no time limit, and you get to take the lessons at your own pace.

Most people who have taken this Karl’s class say that the man can really teach, but there are some who say that this free class is just an advertisement to get you to buy Karl Taylor’s $100 course. Even if it is, there is still some very important information about photography that is being handed to you, for free and that is something that you should definitely take advantage of if you don’t want to/or can’t pay for a photography class. Enroll now, there are already 72,681 students who have enrolled.

New York Institute of Photography


The New Institute of Photography was just voted the best online photography school! If you want to learn from the best, then they are the people to teach you. They offer complete courses on Photoshop, Video Making and Professional Photography. They have Intensive courses on Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Travel Photography, Photojournalism and also Market Journalism as well as one shot course for Beginner Photography. We recommend you start with this one and then decide on the direction you would like to go. They do offer certificates and are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council and licensed in the New York State Education Department.

Go  back to college with the Beginner Photography Course at the NYIP will help you know your way around a camera, you will learn about light and shadow; basically, the basis of what you need to know to start taking great photographs with your camera. One review said that this course was the best thing that happened to them.

The only downside to this course is that it is not free, it costs $449 if you pay in pull and $599 for monthly billing.

Cambridge in ColourOnline Photography Courses cambridge in colour

This is not really a course, per se, but a huge repository of valuable photography information. You’ve got the tools you need to use, explained for you and you’ve also got a plethora of tutorials that will teach even an absolute beginner how to take stunning photographs in no time. You’ve got tutorials on concepts and terminology, editing and post-processing, color management and printing, photo techniques and styles and using your camera equipment.

The Forum section of this website is very nice, so if there is ever a time when you feel you’re stuck or you’ve got a question you need answering to about your Nikon or your Canon, you are sure to find folks to help you out.

Are you going to choose any of these courses?