4 Home Based Business Myths – Did You Fall For One Of Them?

Ahhhh, living the life of a small business owner working from home. Nothing could be better, right?

There is an underlying expectation that comes with being a home based business owner.

  • You can work when you want, play when you want, sleep when you want.
  • You can work as much (or as little) as you choose.
  • You can do many things at once, including loads of laundry, taking care of home repairs, and watching over the kids.

And of course many more.

The problem with these assumptions is they simply aren’t fact; they are the “dream” people associate with running their own businesses out of their home. There are many misconceptions about what it takes to run a business out of your home; see if you’ve fallen for any of these myths, and learn what you can do change the outcome.

Anyone can start up a successful home based business

While anyone can start up a home based business at any time, not everyone will succeed. Success isn’t something your build over night; which means the majority of people that start small businesses out of their homes are in for months, even years of hard work in order to begin seeing success. Are you up for the challenge?

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When you start up a new business, there is a ton to take in. Some of it will be great advice, others not so much. The key is learning to filter out what works – and what doesn’t. Over time you’ll begin learning from everything you do, and applying it in a way that helps you grow just a little bit all the time. Once you start making money on a regular basis, and can see the effects what you do has on your bottom line – that’s when success finally happens.

It doesn’t cost anything to start a home based business

It may seem easy enough; you have a camera and a laptop, what else would you need? And unfortunately many people go into a new business with this attitude. One client can start bringing in the money, and you can use that to grow from there.

While this may be the case, and your first client can start the process, there are still many things that you’ll have to invest in to make your business become successful. Marketing, Advertising. Products (albums, frames, etc) Insurance. The list goes on and on.

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Over time, you will need to invest in your business in order for it to grow. And while you can do it wisely, it still costs money to do many of the things needed to grow a business. Yes, you can spend time on Facebook, but you’ll have better luck if you send them to a professional website that talks about you. And when they walk out of your studio, they will remember you much more if they walk out with customized marketing materials – brochures, portfolios and even bags and wrapping for your final orders. The more time you spend on it, the more successful you will be.

I can put a few things online, and have instant success

Yes, I always like reading the “case studies” who have spent 30 hours building a successful web presence, then instantly had more clients than they knew what to do with. They went from zero to one million “over night”.

And yes, those stories CAN happen. But rarely do – that’s what makes them the “case studies” people talk about.

More than likely you’ll spend a large amount of time online building, changing, editing, adding and deleting over and over again. You’ll find what works, what doesn’t, and try it all again. You’ll post on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more, then turn back to your own site to draw people in.

The key is and will always be the work you put into it. If you spend your time thinking about your online presence as a marketing tool, and finding ways to get the most people to it, you’ll find it to be a successful. You will get out of it exactly what you put into it.

This can instantly replace my salary I earn from my JOB

Times are tough. And many people are looking for ways of replacing the salary they earn at a not-so-stable job. Yet a job is stability. It gives you a regular paycheck, benefits, all coming in on a regular basis. Even if that job might not be there a few months from today.

With your own business, you may have a great client coming in today that gives you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in revenue. And then you might not find another client for weeks.

Can you live with that instability while you grow? Stability comes over time when you regularly make connections, and those connections convert into clients on a regular basis. Until you reach that point (which can take weeks, months, or even years), your job may be your income source during that time frame.

If you are serious about building up a revenue stream from a home based photography studio, let nothing deter you. Your dream is possible, and thousands are proving it every day. However, you do need to plan for minor bumps in the road. It can be tough; the more you plan for the unexpected, the easier things will be along the way.

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