4 Maternity Photography Poses to Try and 5 Things to Avoid

maternity photography poses 3

A little while back we talked about 5 newborn photography props you need to have and today it’s time we took a look at 4 maternity photography poses to try and 5 things to avoid when posing. Some say that pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. Other say that pregnancy is a time when everything swells up and hurts and bloats and that childbirth is a horribly painful experience. Obviously, there’s a bit of truth in both views, but no matter what you think about pregnancy, one thing’s for sure: it’s a moment in your life that you need to document as well as possible. So, taking photos of you and your tummy should be a must! Today we’re going to give you some ideas about maternity photography poses, so read on and get inspired!

4 Maternity Photography Poses

Heart and Belly

This maternity photography pose is simply lovely! It never gets old to keep your hands on your tummy in the shape of a heart. You should get outside and try having your photography taken in the great outdoors, near a tree or the sea.

Kissing the Belly

Have your significant other/father of the baby kiss your belly. You should try to pose as natural as possible and avoid being too lovely-dovey. If you have kids, get them to do it, too. It’ll be great for the little one to see that they were loved even before they officially arrived in this world.

Maternity Photography Propsmaternity photography poses 2

Something like a pair of baby boots or slippers on your stomach would make a wonderful photograph. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed (if you cannot take that pose, then sit on a chair) and hold a pair of shoes on your tummy. Get photo of yourself with the tummy out while sitting in the nursing chair looking outside a window. There’s an endless amount of props you can bring in to get the perfect maternity photography pose!


If you want to get something classy and timeless, then choose a black and white photography style and let only your silhouette show. It’s going to look awesome, no matter what you look like. Keep it simple and don’t bring too many clothes into the scene. Best try this outdoors, it’s a great outdoor maternity photography pose!

5 Things to Avoid When Posing

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best maternity photography poses, it’s time to see what to avoid when posing pregnant.

Avoid Being Obscene

If you’re planning to add your husband into the photograph equation, then we ask you to make the pose as simple as possible. Don’t do anything with your bodies that might offend others. Keep in mind that this picture won’t be for your eyes alone; your child is going to see it, your parents and friends and even the whole internet, so keep it decent, folks!

Avoid Too Many Props

If you’re going to pile up the props, you’re only going to look hilarious and that’s not a good look. Again, keep it as simple as possible and try to make the whole scene as timeless as possible. You want to be looking the photograph years from now and still think it’s nice and pretty, and not dated and weird-looking.

Avoid Gunsmaternity photography poses 4

Guns and children do not go together. Even if you are a gun lover, try to avoid adding a gun into the photograph because the whole maternity thing should be about love and non-violence. The above picture has been going online for what seems to be a decade and it’s the perfect example of what you should avoid. Make love and babies, not war!

Avoid Taking Photos during the Last Two Weeks of Pregnancy

The last two-three weeks of pregnancy are really uncomfortable. Your feet and hands swell up, and even your face; you look like a balloon and you can’t wait to welcome your baby, already! Avoid taking photos during this stage of pregnancy, not only because you’re look very tired and bloated, but also because you’ll get very tired, very quickly!

Would you like to share some more maternity photography poses with us? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you!