4 Mobile Technology Devices You Can’t Live Without

Love your music and can’t get enough high-tech gadgets to enjoy your music on the go? Here are some must-haves for enjoying your playlists while out and about:

Bowers-Wilkins P3 Headphones

While some brands of headphones like Beats by Dre, Apple and Bose have gathered a cult following based on name recognition alone, serious audiophiles know you’ve got to get off the beaten path for top-quality ear gear. The Bower-Wilkins P3 headphones are light and portable with unmatched sound quality. They fold up easily to fit in a pocket. The fabric ear covering is constructed from memory foam, allowing the headphones to form to your ears perfectly. These headphones also feature some impressive engineering advancements, including a unique damping system to control the speaker cone movement, superbly balanced treble and bass, and other innovations that create unmatched depth and clarity of sound.

Dragonfly by Audioquest

Stuck at work and not allowed to use your phone? Plug the Dragonfly into your computerand work on your spreadsheets and presentations with this USB stick-sized audio converter. This device bypasses your computer’s sound card (work-issued desktops and laptops always have terrible sound) and creates an amazing hi-fidelity experience. The device can read all formats of files too, from MP3 to 24-bit CD high resolution. And unlike similar products, Audioquest has perfected the timing of digital file conversion by employing some fancy algorithms and dual clocks that are optimized for the native sample rate of the media being played. Get one of these and inject new life into your workday or anywhere you are using your computer.

HTC One M9

This Android phone features a sleek brushed-metal case and a crystal-clear display. TheHTC One M9 is one of the few phones out there that still has expandable storage, so you can store all of your favorite tunes on it. But the features that really pulls this phone away from the pack are the Dolby 5.1 surround-sound effect, front-facing speakers and built-in amp. It delivers true left and right channel sound for a cinematic-level experience. Featuring a 20MP camera with a sapphire lens, the HTC One M9 takes stunning pictures too.

The Monocle Speaker by Native Union

You probably have a portable Bluetooth speaker, but as with wireless headphones, the sound quality is just not as great as with traditional wired solutions. Time to add the Monocle to your wish list. Named for its obvious resemblance to an eyeglass monocle and the fact that it hangs from a chain, this little speaker pod delivers some big sound. You can even string up to 10 Monocles together (almost like holiday light sets) and deliver an even bigger sound punch at your big summer party or beach hangout. You can also use it to take calls on the go and the Monocle is compatible with voice recognition. While the Monocle comes in a lot of fun colors, the true music aficionado will want the special edition, which is jet black spun aluminum and was inspired by the look of vinyl records.

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