4 Ways To Be A Better Twitter User

Do you ever shut down your computer at the end of the week, and all of the sudden it hits you:

You haven’t kept up with your social sites for the week.twitter-logo

With less than 7 percent of all Twitter users using it on a regular basis, it can be a little frustrating knowing you have a tool ready to help grow your business, yet unsure of how to truly use it.

Just like blogging, Twitter takes work. But there are ways you can incorporate it into your photography business, and have it start working for you.

1. Set up an automated feed for your blog posts. Twitterfeed allows you to feed your blog posts into both Twitter and Facebook, and allows you to track your feeds for stats.

2. Schedule and automate your Twitter posts. The key to having a great Twitter account that motivates people to follow is having content throughout the day. Sites like SocialOomph allow you to create posts and schedule them with a calendar system.

3. Find interesting facts within your industry. People like to follow information – the more you share, the more valuable your Twitter account. Set up a Google Alert to keep track of everything happening in your industry, and use the data to create high quality Twitter posts.

4. The easiest way to learn is by following others. WeFollow is a great source for finding the top people in your industry, and for finding the leaders on Twitter. Follow people to learn and discover how you can improve your own Twitter posts.

7 thoughts on “4 Ways To Be A Better Twitter User”

  1. Not a fan of any twitter user that schedules updates and uses twitterfeed. I usually unfollow them.

    If i want a website’s feed, I’ll subscribe to the RSS.

  2. If all they do is use it to put blog posts, I agree it doesn’t have much value. You can get the same from their blog itself.

    But feeding content to Twitter through a variety of sources, like SocialOomph, allows you to create content when you have time, and put it out there over time so as not to overwhelm your readers. To me its time management. I have a lot to share, and want to do so throughout the day. But I have client meetings, and production work, etc, and may only dedicate an hour or two a day for a specific social site.

    Automation is key in the future.

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