4 Ways To Prepare Your Photography Business for 2007

4 Ways To Prepare Your Photography Business for 2007

1. Learn what Web 2.0 means for your business

Web 2.0 is the newest term circling the Internet. Web 2.0 is about using the web as a platform to provide an enhanced user experience via Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and extending the reach of your web content through syndication technologies such as RSS feeds. Whatever technology you choose to incorporate into your site, the most important thing is to ensure your prospects and customers are delighted by your site, and have a reason to connect with you. I’ve been studying under several 2.0 gurus in December, and I’ll have a lot of information to share with you throughout 2007 on this growing strategy.

2. Create a marketing plan that integrates web and traditional marketing techniques

Are you using the two strategies interchangeably? In all of your marketing methods, your goal should be to direct people from one for of media to the next. Using your website as a sales tool is more important now than ever. If you haven’t integrated the two marketing methods in the past, in 2007 it should be your primary focus. I’ll be sharing ideas on how to make these two work together for your business flawlessly.

3. Socialize in the online world

Every day there are more social networking sites popping up online. Chances are you’ve heard of LinkedIn and MySpace, but how about Squidoo and FastPitchNetworking? Social networking sites are playing an important role in the way we market and network online. In 2007, I’ll be showing you many of these sites and how you can integrate them into your strategy.

4. Generate a way to effectively build your list

One of the most talked about tasks of marketing is building up your list. The larger your list, the bigger your company will grow, the more money you will be able to generate. In 2007 I’ll be testing a variety of systems, and letting you know what works, and what doesn’t.

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