4 Ways To Use The New Facebook

It seems like Facebook is always tweaking and making some kind of change. But recently Facebook made some changes that are particularly beneficial to small business owners. Let’s look at some of the newest features and how they can help you become more attuned to your followers, and reach out to them in a better way.

Who Do You Want To Be?

When you login to Facebook and travel around making comments, your comments are posted using your personal profile. All that has changed, as you can now tell Facebook who you want to be as you are making comments.

By visiting your “account” in the top right of your page you’ll see the option “Use Facebook as Page”. This allows you to visit other pages and write comments as your Page, or brand, not as your personal self. So any comments, photos or videos will come from your brand – making it easier than ever to stay active as your business, not as you personally.

Keep in mind that you do need to shift back and forth as you are posting, especially if you have different brands. Also, if you have more than one admin for a page, make sure they are also aware of shifting back and forth as they post. You don’t want to accidentally post the wrong message – remember who you are at all times!

A Change In Navigation

Remember the tabs at the top of your Page? No more. Now your page is set up very much like your profile, with the navigation falling to the left side of your screen under your logo/photo.

The new navigation makes it more user friendly, and makes your Page more accessible – much like you access your Profile. If you’ve been complaining about separating your personal from your business life, this will help you keep the two distinctly separate.

Control Your Likes

As a Page, or a brand, you probably have certain Pages that you connect up with, and like to showcase to your visitors within your Page. Now as an account admin, you have full control over what shows up under your navigation.

Remember, you can join other pages that have similarities, or you can create more than one page for your different brands and services. In either case, you as an admin have the final say over what is showcased on your Page.

Change Your Photos

Chances are you’ve seen the new photo layout on your Profile. While your Profile allows you full access to the layout, and allows you to be creative with the way it presents to your visitors, you still don’t have quite the leeway with your Page photos.

Even so, your photos are now front and center of your page. Don’t allow them to become stagnant, and make sure you are changing them often for a “new look” as your visitors come over to share and make comments. Follow Virtual Photography Studio on Facebook

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