4 Ways You’re Probably Looking At Money In The Wrong Way

One of the biggest reasons people never start their own business, or choose to migrate from a job to solo-preneur spirit is due to lack of funds. They simply don’t THINK they have what it takes to make the change.

Yet in many cases, the money is sitting right there ready for the taking. The problem is most people focus on the wrong things instead of how to find what they need.

For instance, a person may say “I’ll start my own business after I’ve saved $10,000 to put towards it.” So they start saving.

Then a friend asks them to go skiing. So a couple hundred disappears for the day of fun.

Then the car breaks down. So they spend $500 on repairs. And maybe even determine an old car just isn’t good enough anymore. Several hundred dollars per month migrate into a new car monthly payment.

The problem is people waste time on the minor decisions of life – the things that people are faced with on a daily basis – instead of focusing on the big picture.

Small decisions make us feel productive. So they grasp whatever they can and feel good about this one simple decision.

Chances are you are already starting to see yourself in this line of thinking. I know I’ve been there a time or two myself.

Yet the only way to move forward with what is truly important to you is to really focus in on the bigger picture. If you want the life you’ve been dreaming about, you have to change what’s really holding you back. Let’s go over 4 things you can look at in slightly different ways.

Earn More

If your goal is to start a business or jump over from a full time career to a full time photography business, have you ever charted out how much money it will take?

Its easy to think about your current take home pay and try and mirror that in your sales. But that isn’t always the true necessity.

Instead, take a look at your bills as they stand today. How much do you need to survive every single month?

Then as you are working towards your goal of full time photography business, concentrate on making more money in the months preceding it to allow you to jump off into your new career. But don’t spend your new-found wealth. Just because you increase your income today by taking on overtime or getting a raise doesn’t mean you should spend it. Instead, tuck that away into a special savings account that will help you achieve your dreams.

Save More

If you try and save more on your current income, you’ll always find an excuse to avoid it. Yet if you find a way to make more, you now can continue to live your current lifestyle without having to trim back on the little things you love.

Once you see your savings building and your dreams becoming more concrete, you’ll automatically be motivated to see them through faster. This is when you can start cutting back on the “extras” in your life because you have more motivation to do so. Nothing will motivate you more than seeing your dreams get closer and closer as your savings begins to reach your goals.

Create Accounts Specifically For Your Goals

I’ve also found a great way to create savings goals is to automate everything. Set up specific savings accounts for the different items in your life. We have an account through Ing that lets us set up multiple savings account, and we can access them online anytime we choose. I have accounts for several trips we are planning, for things we want to invest in the future, and even for more ordinary items like car expenses. And for many of my accounts, I have automatic transfers going into each account every month, for the exact amount I budgeted for at the beginning of the year.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

The problem with long term plans is they often get in the way of short term gratification.

If your best friend buys a new dress, you deserve one too. If your neighbors buy a new house, shouldn’t you think about it too?

Yet when you jump at whatever shiny object jumps in your path, it creates a side path that takes you away from what you really want the most.

If you really want a photography business, create your goal sheets or start up a vision board. Make it as concrete and real as possible. The place it somewhere you will see it all the time – your refrigerator door or taped to the mirror in your bedroom. The more you see what you desire, the more likely you are to achieve it.

I’ve also started working with a microfinance site – Kiva – that allows me to help other peoples dreams as well. When you see a woman dream of building up her own business, and all she needs is a $500 loan, it helps you stay motivated with your own dreams. If you’ve never looked at Kiva before, now you can. Here is a link for $25 free trials to get you started – give it a try, it really is motivating.

Think about all the people you’ve met over your lifetime. Do you have an uncle who talks about the dream he had 20 years ago, yet never followed through with it? Do you have a friend that became “trapped” by family issues and is now working a job he hates? “20 down, 20 to go” is a phrase I’ve heard way too many times in my lifetime.

Twenty years really does go by in the blink of an eye. Are you going to have a story about how you had a dream that you never followed, or how you followed it to success? Both are possible. The choice is yours.

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