5 Cool Ways To Make Your Photography Stand Out From The Competition

Have you ever photographed something full frame, that’s perfect edge to edge? Then you try and frame it and you end up losing some of the nuances of the image? Try floating your image instead. With fotoflot, you don’t have to worry about glass, mats or frames. Your image can be seen side to side, with nothing to get in the way of your true meaning.


Business are using video to promote their products and services at record levels – almost 85 percent of all businesses are using video in some manner. If you want to move ahead of your competition, and put something brand new to work for you on your website or blog, take a look at animoto. Take you images, add some text, choose music, and you’ll have a unique video that talks to your prospects in a whole new way.


Now that you have your customers’ attention with video, why not use technology to create a new product? Check out PhotoDex. People love being able to pop a DVD in and watch a great show. Make the show all about them. With this professional slide show application, you can easily give your clients more of what they’ve been looking for.


LTL Prints
Think outside of the box with your images. Why not do a fun shoot, and use LTL Prints to turn them into wall graphics instead of a standard portrait? Photographers fail because they offer what everyone else offers. Offer something new – something never seen before – and you’ll capture interest, guaranteed.

LTL prints

Companies need images more now than ever before. Yet many of them simply don’t know how to get the images they need most. If you work commercial photography, and want to offer something new to your clients, check out deepetch and offer to turn any of their products into web friendly images. This service will clip out any object for any of your photography, and give you the finished image ready to be placed on a website or blog without the distractions of a full image.


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