5 Must-Have Newborn Photography Props

Looking for some fun newborn photography props? You’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got 5 must-have newborn photography props that will help you capture the perfect photograph. Before we start the countdown, remember that you should keep it simple! And one thought before you leave to go shopping: newborns are extremely delicate, so buy things that would not pose any threat to them.

5. Animals

newborn photography props 1

We know that working with kids and animals is one of the most difficult things in the photography industry, but if you know your stuff and do it right, you’re got a winning photo in your hands! The secret is to use dogs or cats, that are used to people, kids and noise. They must be very calm, so if you’ve got an old dog, that’s great. Young and energetic dogs are a big no-no when it comes to newborn photography.

4. Fur

newborn photography props 2

It can be faux or real fur, but babies look amazingly cute when placed on fur. We suggest you use fake fur, firstly, because it’s the humane thing to do and secondly, because you’ll need to wash them after every use. And real fur costs a ton to dry clean and it would cost you a small fortune to do this after each use.

3. Hats

newborn photography props 5

Hats and an amazing prop for newborn photography, so buy as many and as diverse as possible. Make sure you choose soft hats that also stretch. If you have trouble finding a spot where to  buy them, get someone to make them for you.

2. Blankets

newborn photography props 4

Newborn baby photography wouldn’t be the same without blankets! We know it’s one of the most boring props in the world, but a blankie will forever soothe a baby and that’s what you’re looking for when you’re photographing babies.

1. Wraps

newborn photography props 3

In our opinion, wraps are the number one and best newborn photography props. It’s mainly because newborns generally love to be wrapped, they feel safe and they fall asleep right away. Also, you can photograph infants while awake and in their wraps, they tend to look calm and relaxed. This is because newborns tend to get alarmed and even scared by their own dangling arms and legs, and once you’ve wrapped them well, they calm down. Also, some parents don’t like their newborn babies to be photographed naked, so wraps are a great option!

5 Newborn Photography Tips

  1. Never Place an Awake Baby in a Prop! They can harm themselves, they can get scared and the entire photos shoot is going to be a massive fiasco!
  2. Never Rest a Sleeping Baby on a Hard Surface! Always make sure that the surface on which you are placing the infant is lined with soft fabric. You want the child to be as comfortable as possible, so that they sleep as much as possible.
  3. Never Leave a Newborn Unattended! We just had to mention this one, even if leaving a baby unattended sounds like something nobody would ever do. Their parents will most likely be there with them, but also have someone there whose only job is to keep an eye on the baby so you and the parents can talk.
  4. Never Have Untested Props! Let’s say you got a new prop, a cute and rustic crate. The first thing you should do is to make sure that the bottom can hold a baby’s weight. The last thing you want is an accident happening while moving the props.
  5. Never Use Glass as a Prop! It may be cool, but glass breaks and that is simply too unsafe for a newborn.

Good luck and remember that creativity is the best thing you can bring to a newborn photography shoot!