5 Reasons Your Clients Don’t Do What They Are Supposed To Do

Have you ever noticed that people don’t always do what you expect them to do?

Whether its your prospects not following through to sign the contract, or current clients not ordering in a timely manner, there are a variety of things you can do to fix the situation.

1. She misunderstands what the next step is

What makes sense to you might not make sense to your clients. You assume she knows what the next step, yet in her mind it may be anything but clear. Sit down and write down your sales process, with steps for each thing you expect her to do. Then make sure you explain things along the way. Friendly phone calls, or even a postcard in the mail is a great way to remind her of what step is next in line.

2. She is in a hurry

Your client has a lot on her mind. She’s thinking about dozens of things every day. And because she may not realize the next thing she has to do, its up to you to walk her through the steps. Lay out expectations, and add dates when appropriate. For instance when we met with potential wedding clients, we didn’t push sales. If they needed time, we always gave them time to think things over – and gave them a specific date we would hold their date without booking, which was usually around 48 hours. If we didn’t hear within that time frame, we would place a phone call just to check in and remind them their date will be open to other potential customers. Friendly reminders can lead to more business.

3. She is overloaded with information

When you meet with a potential customer for the first time, things can turn overwhelming quickly. There is so much to learn and think about, its easy to forget the important things. Make sure you put your important points in writing, and show her exactly where she can find this information. Put together a package for her to leave with, and circle or highlight important facts. Then follow up with emails, phone calls or even post cards to emphasize what she needs to remember.

4. She doesn’t trust your judgement

When you chat with a potential customer or current client, you’ll be offering a lot of advice. Depending on what point of the process she is in, she may have doubts, and not completely believe or understand everything you have to say. Invite her to check out your resources, talk with other photographers, or even Google the information you provide. The more support she can find on her own based on what you;ve said, the more she’ll become your number one fan.

5. Its complicated

If what you’ve presented is so overwhelming, she’ll choose to ignore everything rather than make a choice. Instead of making your process overwhelming, give choices instead. The human brain tends to think in threes – if you give more than three choices, she’ll move into overwhelm. Look at your choices, and add them up. Is it an endless list of choices? Simplification is the best thing you can do for your clients – and for your sales.

The easier it is to get someone to see what the best step is, the more likely they will be to take it.

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