5 Top Foodie Photographers You Should Be Following

One of the most popular, up-and-coming photography niches around is foodie photography. Foodies are everywhere, blogging about what they eat, what they buy, what they make, and what they share. And while the descriptions and recipes can be super important to making the blog a success, undeniably its also the photography. Capturing a great image can make you hungry, right on the spot.

So who are some inspirational foodie photographers that can motivate you to start up your own foodie photography business? I decided to find true, professional photographers that not only were making a full time living at food photography, but were also truly motivated to helping others learn the art of food photography. Read on.

Stephen Hamilton

If you start looking for the best foodie photographer around, chances are you’ll quickly find Stephen Hamilton’s name appear again and again. His photography has appeared everywhere, including national and international magazines, cookbooks, commercial packaging, television including Top Chef, and many blogs, including his own.  If you want to see his work in action, you have a variety of ways to do so. Check out his site, his blog Who’s Hungry, or scroll through one of his issues of Who’s Hungry Magazine. In addition to incredible photographs to be inspired by, you’ll also gain invaluable tips that will help you dive into the world of foodie photography.

Tracey Kusiewicz

With a name like Foodie Photography, it’s pretty apparent that food photography is Tracey’s passion. From advertising and product packaging, to cookbooks and magazine, to college instruction on the art of food photography, this photographer can provide you with all the inspiration you need to focus in on epicurean experiences. Check out her Foodie Files for tips on photographing food.

Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani has had images published in a variety of newspapers, magazines and cookbooks, including Newsweek, Edible Manhattan, The Wall Street Journal, The Chew and The New York Times. Visit his site to see his work. Then visit his blog to learn more about what he does.

Michael Natkin

This is a man after my own heart. The blogger behind Herbivoracious and a self-taught photographer, his site is dedicated to making sure any meatless meal you cook is hearty and delicious. A few years ago he took a six month leave of absence and spent the time with his family eating his way through Israel and Italy. He gave up the software scene forever after that, and has never looked back. While his site is definitely more geared towards his recipes and his cookbook, you can learn a ton by following him. Create your own niche around your passion and never look back.

Sabra Krock

As a editorial and commercial food photographer, Sabra’s work has appeared in places such as Food and Wine Magazine, and The New York Times. With her blog Spoonful, you can discover recipes and more, including a beautiful sampling of her imagery. One sentence in her About Us says it all:

What started as a passion for cooking, therefore, has also blossomed into a deep interest in exploring the visual art of food via food photography (after all, we eat with our eyes first).

Who would you recommend as a great foodie photographer to watch?

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