5 Videos To Inspire Your Photography (and one bonus)

Inside the B&H Conveyor System

You’ve heard of the infamous B&H conveyor system set up in the Manhattan B&H store, but have you ever seen it? Watch this quick video to see what the merchandise sees as it makes its way through the store.

Inside B&H conveyor system… from Lense on Vimeo.

Photo Shoot With iPad and Eye-Fi

Want to know how you can use your iPad for a better shoot? Watch this as the BYU photo crew shoots a poster for the BYU Women’s Gymnastics team.


A New Way To Light Your Food

Are you a foodie? Foodie blogs are turning up everywhere. But if you want your photos to turn out fabulous, you might need a bit more than your iPhone. Check out this for a tip on how to make your food pictures pop.


18 Years of Polaroid’s

Not a video, but definitely something worth checking out. For nearly two decades, Jamie Livingston took a Polaroid every day, including through his own journey with cancer. The series ended on the day of his death. The story is now being told in an exhibit, and you can view them online.

The GoPro Camera

With the advancement of technology, you can now take a camera anywere. There are amazing videos on YouTube showcasing what you can do with you GoPro – here’s The Ski Move.


The Artic Light

An amazing look at the Artic, when the sunrise and sunset are connected. Not only is this video an inspiration, you have to read the story of how it was created as well.

The Arctic Light from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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