4 Great Uses for Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is still one of the most popular techniques of digital photography in the world. If you too love black and white photography more than you do color photography, then you’ve come to the right place. We, too, love black and white photography and our professional photographers are happy to share with you 4 great uses for black and white photography.

Erotic Black and White Photography

Erotic photography looks absolutely amazing in black and white. A female or male nude body will always look much better when shot in black and white, so we suggest you try giving erotic black and white photography a chance. There is always a market for sexy, couple photography, so you really can’t go with it. When shooting couples, make sure the focus is on the women and always make them look as sexy as possible. When in doubt, turn to vintage black and white photographs, there are plenty online!

Nature Black and White Photography

Why take black and white photographs of nature when natures offers the best color combinations? Because black and white photography has the ability to make people see beyond the surface. Sure, a beautiful landscape or some gorgeous flowers will always look better when shot in color (especially on film), but there are certain fine accents that only black and white photography can convey. Most artists choose black and white when they want the focus to be on more than just nature. For example, a black and white photo of a tree invites people to meditate on metaphorical roots.

Animal Black and White Photography

Ever since the invention of the camera, people have loved taking photos of their pets. When done in black and white, animal photography can easily be turned into art. Naturally, you need to be skilled to be able to create art from a horse or a cat! Try this: take the same photograph of your pet (or a friend’s pet if you don’t have one) in both color and black and white. Grab a pen and paper and write down the differences you feel are between them, in terms of feel and the message they convey. You are going to be surprised at the results!

Portrait Black and White Photography

Use black and white photography for shooting portraits to give your shots depth. We know that shooting pretty much anything in black and white is bound to give it that artistic feel, but portraits of people are splendid in black and white. Shooting in black and white is going to take the focus off how a face looks like and allow more room for abstract interpretation. A good black and white portrait is going to reveal a little bit of the secret behind life. We are all unique, and this shows best in black and white portraits. Before you begin, we suggest you seek inspiration online, by viewing some famous black and white portraits.

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What do you like to shoot in black and white? Nature, animals or nudes?