6 Photography Project Ideas for Students

So, you want photography project ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Last week we’ve given you some important tips on how to start a street photography project, but if street photography’s not your cup of tea, then we’re going to give you a few more ideas in todays’ article. Most of these ideas are pretty basic and are aimed at students who are just getting into photography. Read on and enjoy!

365 Days

This one is probably the most popular photography project idea out there. It’s a project where you’re supposed to take a photo of something every day for one year. It’s mostly to solidify your passion, incorporate photography into your daily routine and also create something nice and important. We suggest you start with something a little less personal, such as a tree that you like in front on your house or close by. Take a photo of it every single day for one year and we guarantee you that it will be a hit with your friends and family and maybe even Youtube.

100 Strangers

Street portrait of a stranger taken in London

We know you’re just starting out and you may be still a little shy about approaching people, but if you do try this project, we’re going to assure you that you’re going to come out of it a much wiser person. Taking a photograph of 100 strangers requires guts, determination and time. You will need to talk a bit to each one of them and get their backstory. You’ll learn a lot about photography and people, but isn’t this why you wanted a photography project idea in the first place?

Just Pick Something!

Be creative, pick one thing and go crazy! Pick one color, yellow, for example and do a project about it; photograph all things yellow and you’ll see how much you’ve got to learn about photography and location during this photography project. Once you get the hang of it, the way you see ordinary things will definitely change. You’ll look at things with brand new eyes and this will not only help your present photography project, but all your future photography projects!

Mono Could be the Way

photography project ideas black and white

No rookie photographer can do wrong with an all black and white photography project. Aside from the fact that you will learn a ton of things about color and light during this colorless photography project, you’ll also learn a lot about the importance simplicity in photography.

52 Photowalks

When you’re just starting out with photography, you tend to take a lot of photos of things that you already know so very well, such as your friends, parents, house and surroundings. If you force yourself to go on photowalks, then you’re going to discover many interesting locations that you may not have otherwise. Go on a photowalk once a week and you will see that in no time, your photography will definitely improve and you’ll find many cool spots!

A Day in the Life of

photography project ideas parents

Pick someone you really admire, like your one of your parents or a teacher of yours and document one day in their life. Talk with them beforehand and establish some basic rules and then just follow them around and focus on their bodies, the people they interact with, their hand, their faces, the object they come into contact with. Even if their life isn’t the most thrilling, movie-worthy life, you can still make a lovely project, because interesting doesn’t have to equal thrilling. Remember that!

Are you going to try any of these photography project ideas? Drop us a line in the comment section below and tell us how it goes, we would love to hear from you.