60 Seconds On The Future Of Marketing

I signed up today for a virtual conference on the Future of Marketing. This conference will take place on November 16th, and if you sign up, you’ll receive the MP3 and transcript, and learn what 60 great marketing giants have to say on where marketing is heading.

So it got me to thinking about how I would answer that same question, and since its blogging versus talking, what would I say in 60 words or less? Here we go:

Marketing is no longer about selling to your clients. It’s about engaging your clients. Instead of force-feeding messages, we’ll control the streams of media, and ask our customers for opinions. It’s all about great communication. Listen to what they have to say. Spark a common interest. Let them talk. Respond by providing them with the items they want the most.

How would you respond to the same question? What is your take on the future of marketing? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “60 Seconds On The Future Of Marketing”

  1. I would agree with that statement. It’s also just good common sense too! Ask more questions to know what your customers/clients/friends want, then you will know what to provide them. It’s a win win. Plus, you are building relationships and trust.

  2. Here is my 15 sec on the future of Marketing.

    The winner businesses in the future will be the ones that have the biggest network and relations with online publishers who influence the purchasing decisions of others.

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