7 Deadly Sins Of Sales

Want to become a better business owner Become a better salesperson first. The heart of every good business is their sales process. And while you don’t have to spend hours every day refining your pitch, there are some simple things you can do that will polish up your presentations.


1. You don’t build the story and the interest.

Think back to the best movies or the best books you’ve read over the past year. If you were to synopsize them, chances are you would have a great beginning that pulls you in, a thrilling middle that captivates interest, and an end that leaves you satisfied. Your sales presentation should be the same way. Set up your story by using examples of clients that have come to you, what was wrong with the way they’ve done things in the past, and how you’ve helped solve the problem.

2. You offer too much.

People shut down when they have too many choices. We’re all busy in our own daily lives, and even though we may be looking for a new product or service, we want some hand holding along the way. If you’ve ever had a 2 year old child in your home, you know the best way to deal with their growing independence is to offer two choices would you like this or that The same holds true throughout our lives, and simplification will always win out over complexity. Start by allowing people to choose between two or three packages; and then customize it on the other side.

3. You’re too available.

When someone calls for an appointment, do you let him or her control the meeting Are you available at 7 am all the way to 10pm A lot of availability sets the scene for a company that doesn’t have many clients. Even if that’s true at this point, give the appearance of success by offering specific times instead. “I can meet you Monday at 10am, or Wednesday at 4pm; which works better for you” Then adjust as needed.

You should also be very specific about the amount of time needed for the meeting, then stick with it. “I’ll need 40 minutes of your time to go through the presentation; does that work for you” This shows preciseness, and gives people the impression you value their time as much as your own.

4. You are scary or unapproachable.

What makes a good salesperson Ultimately they are good at storytelling. They don’t give abstract opinions, lots of complex details and analysis. They pull you in by giving you a story built around the product or service. For example, if you are car shopping, you want the salesperson to talk about how fast the car can go, how safe it is for your growing family, and how cool you’ll look heading out on a Friday night. The more they can put you into the car in your mind, the better chance you have of making the purchase.

5. You are too nice.

Some people like to be tough, and see how much they can get a salesperson to give. They’ll talk, twist, banter and cajole you into the most they can get. The nicer you are, the more they will get on the front side. And the more disappointed and miserable you will be overall as you satisfy the work for this client. You’ve set your prices and packages up for a reason; stick with it. Don’t bend unless it truly is beneficial for the two of you.

6. You BS your way through.

Every now and then a prospect will ask something you don’t know. Instead of winging it and making up a story, tell them you don’t know, and will get back to them in the next day or so. Getting rattled and giving answers that that may or may not be true can reduce your credibility, and wind up putting a wedge between you and your prospect. Always admit to what you don’t know, and offer a solution as quickly as possible.

7. You are boring.

Sales can be a difficult thing, especially when you are new and just starting out. While it is good to prepare your presentation and practice it over and over again, always have the ability to interject your own humor and personality into it along the way. Never finish your entire presentation if someone is “sold” in the first 3o minutes. And change things up based on interests and likes.

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