7 Easy Ways To Bring More Money To Your Bottom Line

As a photographer, you ultimately have three ways to make money.

1. Bring in new clients

2. Sell more to each client

3. Bring in the client again and again

family portrait Bringing in new clients is your most difficult way of selling. Because they have no experience with you, they’re less likely to trust you. It takes awhile to build that trust.

Once a client is happy, it’s easier to bring them in again and again for more shoots. They know you, trust you, and understand the entire process. Yet in this economy, even bringing in existing client may be a little more difficult to do.

Instead, make 2009 the year you sell more product to each of your clients. If they are in your studio, like what they see, it’s your job to sell them what they truly need. Let’s look at 7 ways you can increase the bottom line of each and every client.

1. Sell duplicates at lower prices. If the bride gets a 60 page 10×10 album, why not sell a duplicate 5×5 album to her mom. The work’s already done; its just a matter of ordering two different sizes.

2. Put the images to a digital frame. Make sure its priced right and won’t destroy potential sales. Or make it incentive for a certain level of purchases.

3. Sell video presentations. The world is visual – make it easy for your clients to buy in any format they choose. You can sell your videos to your client, make it incentive for larger photos, or go viral by offering it online.

4. Sell collages. With Photoshop, there are so many ways to display images. Give your clients discounts for the more they buy.

5. Start up a payment plan. Stretch the payments out several months to make it reasonable for your clients.

6. Put together quick, informal books at weddings and events, and present it to your clients the day of the event. It will build their excitement in anticipation for the real thing.

7. Mat multiple images, and put them into an art box.

What are your ideas? What do you do to increase sales within your business?

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  1. Your advice is right on with increasing average sales to our clients. I’ve tried some of these myself and they work very well.

    Don’t forget those VIPs, though – our current clients are still a goldmine for repeat business.

    You might also be interested in my blog – Business Peace for Professional Photographers – at http://www.zenologue.com

    Thanks and keep up the fight!



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