7 Reasons To Find Your Customers Using A Blog

How do you reach out to new customers using a blog? Is it really worth spending the time blogging?

Definitely. typing hands

I originally created a post 10 Reasons To Blog About Your Photography Business several months ago. After talking with several new clients this week, I decided it was time to add a few more to the list.

1. Clients Expect Information. Why do you use the Internet? Chances are it’s to find information. No one really goes online just to find a company to do business with. They go online to find answers to their questions. And when a company has a ton of great information, you look to them for their expertise.

2. Build up your profile in Google. Type your name (and business name) into Google. How relevant are you? If you don’t have a ton of information online, you’re losing ground. The true winners at small business will be those that understand that content is relevant, and the more content you create, the easier it will be to find you – and want to do business with you.

3. Build longevity. I can tell if you’re dead or alive. All I have to do is visit your site. If you have a few pages created months or even years ago, your business is “dead” in the online world. But if you have a blog and I can see you’ve been posting for months – even years – I can see how well your business is doing, and build up my trust in what you do.

4. Control the flow of traffic. With a blog, I can control exactly where I want people to visit, and what I want them to read. Even though it’s currently February 2009, I can talk about a post I made back in August 2008, It’s All About Your Attitude, and my traffic will go up on that page. I can bring back to life any information I choose, whenever I choose.

5. Control your cash flow. The more traffic I bring into my blog, the more followers I have. And the more followers I have, the easier it is to bring in money. Imagine putting together a blog post where you offer a special. Having 10 readers probably won’t bring in any additional revenue. But how about 1,000 readers? 10,000 readers? It’s possible – I see it every day.

6. Move ahead of your competition. The trouble with any type of marketing is 80 percent of the population simply won’t follow through. So if 80 percent of the photographers out there don’t blog, and 80 percent of the one’s who do don’t follow through and blog faithfully, imagine how well you’ll do by dominating the market and blogging all the time.

7. Build a long-lasting business model. The best thing about building up a business online is you have instant feedback and instant followers. The key to business success is a list. Your list is your lifeline; it allows you to have an easy way to bring in money whenever you choose. If you spend the next five years as a wedding photographer, building up a complex web presence, you’ll have a pretty good-sized list. Now imagine in five years adding a new function to your business – baby photography. Do you think any of your clients or followers over the past five years has started a family? Definitely! And you now have an instant, captive audience.

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