7 Things To Do With Your Photography Business Today

When was the last time you had a client come through your doors and bring in a sale? regelzam0ra

How does your calendar look for the next month?

If both have you a little worried, try out these 7 ideas:

1. Head over to MeetUp.com and find a networking event to attend. Think outside of the box. How about a women’s business group? Or a book club? You’ll find a ton of different groups – head over and share your latest work.

2. Mail out an “April Special” letter to your existing clients. Celebrate the season with a special portrait session: spring flowers (or fall colors, depending on where you live) is always a great family portrait potential.

3. Complete the sale. Have any clients that haven’t finished their order? Give them a bonus if they order by the end of April. Free wallets to seniors; a free wall portrait if they complete their album order.  Free prints cost you very little, yet offer your client a lot of motivation.

4. Create a new idea. Do you know how easy it is to create note cards and greeting cards? Or how about a wall portfolio? Come up with a new idea, send out a letter to your best customers showcasing their favorite image from the last session, and sell something new.

5. Do lunch. Who are your best referral partners? Maybe a local marketing consultant. Or a wedding coordinator. Or the owner of a children’s clothing boutique. Give them a call and treat them to lunch. Don’t talk shop; just have fun. They will remember you.

6. Do something different online. Start up a Twitter account. Add to your Flickr stream. Try an ad on Craigslist. When you have the time, play around and learn something new.

7. Enter a photo contest. There are always photo contests – just type it into Google and see what you find. Or check with your local lab. Or photo association. Winning a contest gives you something to talk about in the media, and with your clients.

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