7 Things To Include In A Portrait Package

Are you a portrait photographer? What makes your packages unique? What makes them stand out from your a la carte pricing? What gives your customer the incentive to buy a package over picking and choosing individual prints?In this article, we’ll look at some tips that will give your packages power.


7 Tips For Setting Up A Professional Portrait Package

Include Multiple Sizes

The most obvious thing to include is multiple sizes of an image. Include your most popular sizes and wall portraits – 11×14 and greater. Make sure you highlight the savings of buying in package format over the a la carte method.

Frame Your Work

Frame your photographs. Include several choices in framing options for your large wall prints, and even offer unique styles for table sized prints. Make sure you find frames that are not carried at your local discount stores.

Make a Dynamic Collage

Offer collage framed prints. People love the idea of having a wall image that isn’t a large size, but rather contains several different poses from the session. This works great for seniors and babies.

Make your photographs available on multiple sizes.

Size Your Photographs Into Stylish Greeting Cards

How about a box of greeting cards? So many places offer easy ways to make greeting cards from your photographs. Give them choices based on the size of the package. How about blank notecards, thank you cards, or even holiday cards?

Create an Album

Include albums and brag books. With Photoshop and many of the tools online today, you can create unique albums they can’t get anywhere else. Make sure you have samples on hand to show them your ideas. For portraits, they don’t have to be 12×12 sized – think smaller, more portable books too.

Take Engaging Social Media Photos

Give them the social media files they are looking for. People love to have fun with their profile images, so give them several to choose from. Pick the best shot for a social profile. Turn it into a pencil drawing. Change colors. And make sure you size it perfectly for profile inclusion – around 100×100 pixels should do it. Don’t sell these a la carte, or in your bottom packages. Give them an incentive to move into larger ones.

Always Include a CD of Your Work

Because every photographer talks about CDs of the images, it is okay to include them in your packages. But give the CD in your top package, not in the bottom or your a la carte. Make sure you get your sales and your profits before you give away your images. You are the photographer, the artist, and the creator. You have a right to make money and to run a profitable business. Don’t give away your rights until you’ve collected enough to turn your photography into a viable business.

Final Words

We hope that these tips are going to help you set up a professional photography package, showcasing your best work. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s crucial to properly present your work so that it does not look cheap or unpolished. This might make you a great disservice. Offer your portrait photography in a variety of sizes, personalize them, talk to your client and see what you can come up with together. Set up fair prices and don’t hesitate to get out there and expand your business.

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