7 Ways To Be More Creative At Your Next Wedding

What is your idea of photojournalism? For many photographers, its simply snapping a candid of guests at the party, or of kids playing on the dance floor.

Photojournalism is so much more. It’s capturing the essence of the day through photography. It’s capturing emotion. It’s photographing something that tells a complete story within the image itself.

The easiest way to get more creative – become more photojournalistic – is to give yourself assignments. Spend just 2 minutes at each of these 7 items at your next wedding, and you are sure to see a difference in your photography.

1. Shoot from another camera’s perspective.

image source neona’s photostream

2. Look for action/reaction. Shoot the main action, then flip around 180 degrees and get the reaction to the main action.

3. Capture the details of the location. Photograph city signs, reception site signs, gardens, skylines, views – anything that makes the location unique.

4. Accessories – look for purses hanging over chairs, jackets draped over arms, or shoes left by the dance floor.

5. Shoot from different angles. Climb up into a balcony. Lay down on the floor. Find new viewpoints to add a flare to your images.

6. Capture the detail. Do they have a band? Capture close ups of each of the instruments. A sit down dinner? Capture various images of the food.

7. Focus on one item. Start with a wine glass – how creative can you be? Capture it in someone’s hand, on the table, grouped together, and standing alone.

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  1. Great article to encourage amateur/semi-pro photographers to look for different images whether it be the details or unusual camera angles.

    These will all help to separate your images from the other guests.

    PatB Wedding Photography


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