7 Ways To Make Money For The Holidays

Only 52 more days until Christmas.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, chances are some of your clients do. And with the many other holidays that fall around the end of the year, there is always something to celebrate somewhere.

This year, times are tight. People are out looking for more meaningful gifts that cost less, yet still show how much they love them. What could be better than photography?

But with only 52 days left until the big day, what can you do now to bring in some business in the coming weeks? Give these ideas a try.

1. Give A Gift Certificate

For many people, the holidays is the only time of the year the entire family is together. People come from near and far to celebrate together, then head off to the far corners of the world for the New Year. A gift certificate could brighten a mother’s day when she knows she’ll have a current portrait hanging on her wall to enjoy all of next year. It’s the perfect gift to give on the big day, and use a few days after Christmas to capture the entire family together. And you can print a colorful certificate on your printer, and frame it in a keepsake frame perfect for the final image.

2. Special Events Over The Next Couple of Weeks

Set up a special event and shoot over the next couple of weekends. Depending on where your studio is at, it can be on the beach, in a park, or right in your studio. Here in Colorado, it’s a great time of year to take snow portraits. Or use something that says “holidays” and put together a unique background. Put together a package that gives them a framed image perfect for holiday giving. If you make it a limited edition, you’ll be able to build on this concept year after year.

3. Sell Seasonal Packages

Want to sell more to your best clients? Set up a 4 seasons package. Over the next year, they can come in for 4 special portrait sessions all based around the 4 seasons. Then you’ll frame it in a limited edition frame – perfect for giving next holiday season.

4. Give A Holiday Discount

Have a few clients that still haven’t placed orders this year? Or maybe you have clients that would love to buy more from you now at the end of the year. Offer a one time holiday discount. Set up a one week special – the last week of November for example – and offer discounts to any order placed during that week. You can graduate it – 10% off $250 or less, 15% off $250 to $500, 20% of $500 to $1000, etc. Or even offer bonuses – spend $250 and get 12 custom notecards, $500 and get an 11×14, etc.

5. Set Up An Order Deadline

Pick a date on the calendar that is your “drop dead” date, or the date you will no longer guarantee orders in time for the holidays. Then send out a card or postcard to all your existing clients to let them know. Even if they weren’t planning on placing an order, it may give them the idea that photographs make gifts, and motivate them to give you a call.

6. Design An Exclusive Saint Nicholas Event

If you have kids, you know how cheesy the mall photo Santa events can be. The photographs never turn out quite right (under or over exposed every time), and even the displays offer little in the way of background opportunity. Why not host a special Santa session? You can rent and purchase beautiful Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas or even Father Time costumes, and hold your own session within your studio. Or combine it with a local restaurant for a “breakfast with Santa” program, and you’re sure to have lots of opportunity.

7. Create New Year’s Eve Packages

Many local hotels offer New Year’s Eve packages, and include dinner, dancing and a night in the hotel. Why not add a special booth for portraits? It’s the one time of year people dress up, so why not create a memorable portrait at the same time? You can offer specials that allow you to print on the spot, or upgrade and have larger packages delivered after the first of the year. Don’t go with a standard background – create a unique experience and you’ll have more people take advantage of this special event.

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