8 Album Software and Design Applications

As a high-end wedding photographer, I know the money isn’t in the shooting part of your business. It’s in the selling part of your business. And the easiest way to make a ton of money is to sell albums as opposed to packages and handing over the digital files.

For ideas on building and selling wedding albums software for mac, you may be interested in Photographing By The Page – The Only Way To Shoot A Wedding.

In order to build and sell large albums, you have to design large album templates before the sale in order for your clients to see what you do, and picture the final product in their minds.

Yes, you can design each page in Photoshop. But when you’re designing over 280 pages on speculation the way I did, you have to have something that makes the process more efficient.

Here are 8 album design programs that can help you design albums on speculation quicker.

Fundy Album Builder


Allows you to design and create your own layouts instead of using pre-established templates. Works for both PC and Mac. Offers a free trial download.
Album DS


Provides more than 700 templates, and automatically sizes to meet and size or album specifications. Works with Photoshop, so no heavy learning curve. PC and Mac. Try their online demo before you buy.

Dg Foto Art


The Dg Foto Art system lets you create albums with drag and drop capabilities using more than 1700 templates. Choose from their library, or create your own. Also available in multiple languages. PC or Mac. Have a trial offer.



FotoFusion software helps you create a variety of things for your photo business: wedding albums, large wall mounted portraits (use them for tradeshows), senior portraits, and composites and yearbooks. Three versions available depending on your needs.

Pixel Creator Pro


Pixel Creator Pro works entirely with Photoshop – no need to learn additional software. Video tutorial to show you how to get started. PC and Mac.

Photo Junction


Software helps you organize and display your images, and create slideshows. Interfaces with Photoshop. Take the online tour or download a demo. PC and Mac.

Art Leather


Art Leather offers free Design Ease software to work with their product base. Ease of layout, design and ordering.

Kubota AutoAlbum


The Kubota AutoAlbum allows you to create magazine style albums. Choose from over 500 layouts, use in Photoshop.

3 thoughts on “8 Album Software and Design Applications”

  1. Can ANYONE tell me how to get ahold of someone at FUNDYSOS!!
    Very interested in some of their software “Album Proofer” but
    nowhere does it show you how to purchase it.


  2. You missed Adobe InDesign!

    Adobe InDesign really is hands down the fastest and easiest way to design albums. The truth is in the name!

    The best part is that if you have the Adobe Creative Suite then you already own the program!

    Once you use InDesign to create albums, you’ll never look back.

  3. If you use indesign for your album designing you are going to love what’s coming. In late March we are launching Magic Album Designs. It’s an extension to work within indesign that will automate album layouts speeding up your workflow faster than anything out there. Go to http://www.magicalbumdesigns.com and get your name on our list for its release.


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