8 Inspiring Infographics For The Photography Industry

Photography Careers

This has got to rank up at the top as one of my favorites. People always think photographers live such a glamorous life – this shows you a more accurate view.

Evolution Of Photography

Want to know how the camera and the art of photography transpired through history? This infographic gives you a five minute walk through history.


The History of Photo Sharing

Photo sharing has come a long way over the last 20 years. This infographic gives you a quick look at the tools and processes that now shape our lives.

Canon versus Nikon

One of the strongest debates in the photographic industry has always been reduced to one thing: do you use Canon or Nikon? While ultimately it’s the output that matters most to your clients, to us photographers, we love what we shoot with and aren’t afraid to talk about it every chance we get. Here’s an interesting perspective.

Posing Guide

This posing guide shows your 54 different portrait ideas you can try right now, all from the convenience of a simple infographic.


Stock Photography and the Web

Want to know the impact the web has made on the stock photography industry? Its easy with this infographic.

Simple Guide To Photography

A simple but effective infographic to help you understand the basics of using your camera.

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