8 Things To Help You Grow Your Photography Business On Pinterest

Pinterest has hit another milestone – over 100 million visits per month with nearly 12 million  of them being unique visitors.

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, now is the time. Pinterest is used primarily by women, and because of the visual aspect of pin boards, they spend a lot of time on the site.

Currently you can use Pinterest by signing up through either your Facebook account or your Twitter account, giving you double the traction for half the work.  If you connect through Facebook, keep in mind that currently it connects with your personal profile, not your page. So if you want to keep it business related, sign up for a special Twitter account to connect it to.

Then let the pinning begin.

1. Pinterest will start you out with five pre-determined pin boards. You can delete these and create your own. Plan out your boards with your business in mind. So instead of “photography” be specific towards your niche market. Also break it down to give your potential customers ideas as they are searching through your boards: what to wear for a portrait, posing ideas, location ideas. Be specific and use them to direct people to what they like the most. However, don’t just fill it with stuff from your site –  be a resource as well. Its okay to post fresh ideas from other sites and resources online. Be an industry expert and share your talents and knowledge freely.

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2. Google recognizes Pinterest profiles, so they can appear on the first pages of search results. Because of how Pinterest interacts with Google, be sure to create boards using your key terms so its recognizable and will deliver you results within the most popular key searches.

3. Currently you can rearrange your pinboards to have them showcased on your profile in any order you choose. Yet the pins within each pinboard are shown in order of when you pinned each item. If you have a closed board concept – meaning you are creating a board with a select number of pins and you know ahead of time what they will be – lay out the order first so they will appear in the order you desire.

4. Go mobile. Of course there is an app for Pinterest. Use it on your phone so you can snap photos when you are away from the office and share those on your boards as well.

Pinterest also has a widget plugin that allows you to showcase your pinboards on your blog as well.

And of course you should be using the Pin It button that allows you to include it on every post you create.

5. Want to see if anyone has posted things from your website? Use this handy tool: just use the following URL, substituting your URL for “yourwebsite” – www.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite

6. Have something for sale and want to include a dollar banner on the photo? Simply use $ in the description and you’ll have a price banner on the upper left hand corner of your image.

7. You can add video  to your boards as well. Find the video you want to include on YouTube. Click the Share button below the video. Use the URL code it provides, and copy/paste it into your Pinterest profile – Add+ button. When you paste the code in, you’ll be able to choose an image from the video to include. Add your description and Pin It.

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8. Hold a contest. This is still new to Pinterest, but there are many ideas already surfacing. How about having your followers create a board and share pins related to your business. Make sure they title the board in a certain way and leave a comment so you know where to find it.

You can also do a Repin and Win promotion rewarding pinners who receive the most likes and repins from your original pin.

Make sure you plan the process from beginning to end and thoroughly describe how a person plays and wins.

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