9 Things To Photograph Before You Die continued

Thanks everyone for your great ideas for my last post 11 Things To Photograph Before You Die.

I thought I’d continue the series with some of your suggestions, and give you more to think about before this coming weekend. If you’re out shooting, hopefully this will open up your mind to more of what’s possible.

1. A family portrait that’s a true work of art. (Thanks to our friend Crystal for creating this portrait of us 10 years ago – its still above our fireplace.)

rox park

2. An animal in his natural surroundings

lonesome wolf

photo source howardpennphoto

3. True Love

true love

photo source VirtualPhotographyStudio

4. An amazing day in the snow


photo source northmanimages

5. An amazing day at the beach

beach portrait

photo source VirtualPhotographyStudio

6. Clouds


photo source Katarina 2353

7. Wind


photo source HansIH

8. Something delicious


photo source jkpa

9. A very small town


photo source Extra Medium

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