A Blast From The Past

Well I just noticed I reached a milestone. I have 340 posts on the VirtualPhotographyStudio blog, and well over 150 pages of articles, information and resource pages. Which means with over 500 pages of content – there are A TON of resources for you to go through to help build your business.

But as I reflected on my milestone, I also got to thinking about the amount of overwhelm you may be feeling if you’re new to photography, or looking for ways to build up your photography business.

So I went through my most popular posts, and I’ve linked to them here. Enjoy.

Do The First Thing First – In this post I talk about how to prioritize your day according to what will help grow your business most.

Is A Studio Necessary To Start A Photo Business? – In this post I talk about getting around the idea of needing to have a physical location to run your photography studio.

Mindset Your Way To Success – Do you hate selling? There is no such thing as a born salesperson. In this post I look at how to change your mindset, and make your business more successful.

The Pendulum Swing Of Photography – From the best of times to the worst of times, I discuss how to create a business that can weather both.

10 Ways To Grow Your Senior Photography Business – If you photograph high school seniors, take a look at this list and start the new year out right.

The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals – If you have decided to make photography your career, make sure you’re on track to showcase yourself as a true professional.

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