A Great Way To Carry Your Equipment

Have you ever looked through camera and equipment bags? Sure they are functional. You can get many styles and sizes, great for many types of shoots.

But most are boring. They come in standard black, and they just blend into the surroundings.

But what if you have a certain style with the way you dress, the way you present yourself, and you’re branding?

I just found jill-e designs, and you’re going to love it.

jill-e bags

These bags are anything but boring. Get a variety of sizes, and a variety of colors to match any mood. Plus they have unique features just for us girls. Like a detachable pouch to carry your personal items (I always hated fishing around at the bottom of my bag looking for my lipstick.)

Check out jill.e designs


1 thought on “A Great Way To Carry Your Equipment”

  1. My friend Dayna and I just went shopping for bags. I got a Crumpler, and she got a Jill-E. One of the white ones, with brown leather straps. It really does look like a big purse. She’s totally excited about this bag, for her upcoming trip to France. Besides looking good, and looking stealth, it has great access to the area for the lenses and body.

    Very nice!


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