Want More Family Portraits? Target New Home Sales

Looking for a way to bring in more family portraits to your photography business? It may be as easy as knocking on the doors of brand new home owners.

While the economy has been down globally for a while now, things change all the time. Even where you currently live, I’m willing to bet there are people moving to new homes all the time. They make an excellent target for a new family portrait. Here’s why.

A recent survey published in Deliver Magazine showed that:

  • New homeowners purchase more products and service in the first 6 months after moving than an established resident spends in 2 years.
  • The average new homeowner spends more than $9,000 on purchases within the first few months of a move.
  • 50 percent of new homeowners purchase home decorations and accents.
  • 35 percent of families plan to or will move into a new home after having their first child.

And if you think about it, it makes sense. If you are doing well enough to make a move into a new home – and anymore it also means you’re doing well if you can get a new mortgage, as the requirements are higher than ever – you probably have discretionary income to spend.

Why not target them for a family portrait?

Specific campaigns will always work better than generic. If you send out thousands of postcards around the holidays advertising portraits, you’re basing it all on zip codes. You may be reaching singles, married, married with children, grandparents, families with newborns, different ethnic groups, etc. Whatever you showcase, its probably not an exact match to the majority of the population. They are busy. And the majority end up in the trash.

But moving into a new home niches it down one step further. You know exactly what a new homeowner is thinking. You can speak directly to them. You can entice them by speaking their language.

“Now that you have the house of your dreams, what are you going to do to fill that empty spot above the mantle of your fireplace?”

“Now that you’ve increased your wall space within your larger home, are you going to fill it with your old artwork?”

A postcard with either of those titles is going to attract attention.

From there, if you build your postcard to explain why a person should consider having a family portrait at this special time in their lives, you’ll instantly hit a nerve. For instance, if they bought a new home because they’ve added a new child, they already understand how fast time is flying.

You should also make a special, one time offer as a welcome gift to the new neighborhood.

“As a new part of our community, we want to offer you our “get to know you” special.”

It could be a special package, a complimentary sitting fee, or maybe a reduced price on a wall portrait for above the fireplace mantle.

Then give it a deadline.

“Offer good through May 31, 2012.”

“Offer expires 60 days from receipt.”

The deadline will mean if there is any interest, they will tack that postcard to the refrigerator door instead of throwing it in a pile on their desk. Follow through will be quicker, and you will have more clients knocking on your door, ready to take advantage of your special offer.

5 thoughts on “Want More Family Portraits? Target New Home Sales”

  1. This is a really smart idea but, I’m curious, how do you recommend finding all of the new home owners in the area? If you live in a small town I imagine you could just drive around, but if you live in a big city do you know of a resource that would have this information?

    • Vincent

      If you contact your local secretary of state, or even go down to the county level for your area, they keep all of those records on file – public information. In some cases you have to pay for the list; in some cases its free and they’ll email you a spread sheet. Here in Colorado I get things from every county in the Denver area and pay for only a couple – its only a couple of dollars per month.


  2. Great job for thinking outside the box, Lori! This is indeed a smart idea. I’ll suggest this to my brother who’s also a professional photographer.


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