A New Social Site For Photographers – Google Buzz

If you’ve been out to your Facebook or Twitter account in the last two days, chances are you’ve seen the buzz, well, around Buzz. Google Buzz is a much anticipated, justgoogle buzz released social site that is built around Google’s gmail system. If you have an account, just login and you’ll notice a new button on your navigation called Buzz. If you don’t have a gmail account, now is the time to sign up. (Yep, it’s free, so no reason not to.)

Andrew and I have been Buzzing all over the last two days, and both of us are really finding it useful and easy to navigate. (Plus its even more fun making our daughter roll her eyes by saying we buzz and tweet all day – just tweeting was getting a little old!)

So if you’ve ever scratched your head wondering what Twitter is really about, now is the time to jump in with Buzz. Buzz takes the best of Facebook and Twitter, and rolls it up into one platform.

You follow people in a similar manner to both Facebook and Twitter. Then you can watch what people are saying by heading over to your Buzz home page. You’re not limited to 140 characters – write as much as you want. Have a photograph or two you want to share? Simply put the link to them if they are on your site or in your Flickr account, or choose the file from your computer – its that easy. The thumbnails are right in your post, so there is no clicking to another site or service to actually see the image.

google buzz posts

Then start commenting on other’s news stories and ideas. You can give it a thumbs up, or right out your comments. Your comments appear along with the post, so everyone can see your information – and have the opportunity to click over and learn more about you.

Yes, you do have to be active to gain leverage in Buzz. Just like any other social site, it’s the action and interaction that will help you grow.

But Buzz may be the next big site – and wouldn’t you like to be along for the ride?

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