A New Way To Succeed At Your Next Photography Expo

tradeshowThis time of year, a lot of tradeshows and expos are taking place around the globe. If you’ve ever had a booth at one, you know how difficult it can be.

How do you get people to come into your booth?

What do you hand out to make sure you connect with the visitors?

How can you gather information from visitors to be able to connect with them after the show?

I get a ton of B2B magazines, and I found a great idea this month.

At the MacWorld expo, Lynda.com expanded its booth size, but decided not to increase the amount of giveaways they handed out to visitors. Giveaways didn’t correspond to new clients, so they went out looking for a new way to grow business.

Instead of handing out the same old promotional items, they decided to hand out stickers. If people wore the stickers throughout the tradeshow, company representatives may stop you and reward you with an iPod nano, just for wearing your sticker in a visible location. Thousands of people became walking advertisements for Lynda.com. And their booth was as busy – and as successful – as ever.

Why not do the same at your next expo? Hand out stickers – bright stickers that are clearly visible from a distance. And give away valuable prizes throughout the expo to people spotted wearing your sticker. You’ll be the talk of the expo.

And you’re sure to gain a number of new clients along the way.

image source johnhallassociates

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