A New Way To Welcome Baby

In order to be an exceptional baby photographer, you have to offer things that say Wow!

Want a new idea? I just ran across this site as I was going through my latest Trends enewsletter. Every month they put out a newsletter with the hottest things across the globe. I usually peruse the content just to see what’s new.

And this month is a perfect idea for photographers. 5StarBaby.com5starbaby does a special design for baby announcements – nothing boring and traditional here. You can specialize your poster announcements as much as you desire – and have a truly unique product to offer your clients.

Are they a little more expensive than something your client could hand make herself? Probably. But where else can she get something that says Wow.

And if you’re going to be ordering numerous times, you may want to contact them directly and explain you’re a professional. They may work with you even more on the pricing.

1 thought on “A New Way To Welcome Baby”

  1. Thanks for pointing us to 5starbaby.com. The creativity is awesome. We will be getting our birth announcements from them. Maybe an anniversary poster.


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