A Photographer Makes How Much?

I haven’t looked up statistics on salaries for photographers in awhile, so I went on the hunt this morning to see what the averages are.

According to Indeed, the average salary for a photographer now stands at $52,000 in the U.S. That average also stands in other countries.

photo salary 3


But what really caught my eye was where photographers are making the most money. Work online photographers are bringing in the highest income – $60,000 per year!

This particular site doesn’t tell you what people are doing when they list work online photography as their job title. But I can guess. How about stock photography – selling to the dozens of stock photo houses online? What about fine art photography – people that start up galleries of their images, and sell them as fine art? What about commercial photography – people that photograph businesses and products for online marketing possibilities?

The lowest – studio photography and children photography coming in at $17,000. A lot of this I’m assuming comes from the fact that most children’s photographers are part time. It also comes from most studio/children’s photographers don’t charge their true value.

Are you ready to go online with your photography business?

Two courses that can help you break these odds are Stock Photography and Six Figure Photographer. I broke the odds – will you?

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