Add photo gallery to current wedding photography website

What is the number one thing visitors come to your website for? If you said photographs, you’re correct.

You are a photographer; people want to see your photographs before they ever consider hiring you. That’s why it’s so important to have a variety of images online. Add photo gallery to current website.

Not just a dozen or so in a fancy gallery. I’m talking about dozens of photos in multiple galleries. Enough photographs to give your client the opportunity to understand the type of photography you create, not just the highlights.

Many photographers invest hundreds (even thousands) of dollars building a fancy website, filled with Flash programming that showcases a few images . Guess what? This isn’t bringing in business – in fact, its hurting your business. You see, the search engines don’t recognize Flash. A search engine will bypass your website completely when people search for photography, because they don’t recognize Flash. See more about this subject – photo gallery for website.

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