Are you ready for the coming wedding season?

With the wedding season in full swing in just a few months it’s important to ensure that you guarantee future growth for your studio.Â

Wedding photography is a very lucrative and fun business to be involved in. While providing a fantastic service for the bride and groom it’s also a way to showcase your artistic abilities.

Always be marketing through your photography!

One of the most important items when you photograph in a wedding is to provide samples for your vendors. Samples are a very inexpensive way to show off your work. We found one of the best ways to enhance our relationship with vendors such as wedding coordinators, florists or caterers was to provide sample albums and loose prints of weddings that we completed together. This allowed the wedding coordinator to share with potential couples a sampling of past work. Many times the couples would ask the wedding coordinators what studio provided photography for this particular wedding.  Our name would come up and the contact would be made for very easy booking of the event.

As with wedding coordinators, other vendors within the wedding industry are equally important in sending new clients your way. Caterers are one of the largest expenses in the wedding budget so providing quality photographs of the presentation at the reception becomes equally rewarding.  One of the reasons that I bring this up is with the wedding season approaching it is important to think about what you’re going to photograph so you can provide samples to these vendors at every reception.

I would actually go into the reception site and capture the polished way the reception was displayed before anyone had entered the room. Capturing items like tables, floral arrangements and overall room appearance. Photographing the food from the couples first meal when it was presented to the bride and groom showcases the caterers efforts.  All of these can be used as sample items for the vendors to use when they talk to future clients. Take a little extra time and think about a list of items that you would like to photograph that you asked of it.Â

Once you download your files, select special images and move them into a samples folder that will provide additional images to each vendor.  With a simple process you’re guaranteed to get attention from these select wedding vendors.

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