Are You Taking Care Of Your Number One Client?

Who is your number one client?

Is it the person that has purchased your biggest package this year?

Is it the person that has spent the most with you overall throughout your business life?

Or is it the person that has referred the most clients to you over the years?

While you can argue that they all have the potential of being your number one client, one thing is for sure. You probably treat each of them extra special, spend a little more time with them, spend a little more time on their production work, and maybe even send a gift or two along the way.

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Now let me ask you another question.

What if you spent the same amount of time, care and dedication on your own business, and treated it like it was by far your number one client? What would happen?

Something interesting happens when you start looking at your own business through different eyes. Yes, it’s important to spend time on clients, especially the great ones, and dedicate your energy towards them. But if your energy is gone at the end of the day, and you consistently think, “I’ll create my plan, my goals, or review my direction tomorrow” because you’re too tired, when will it truly happen?

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Ways To Take Care Of Your Own Business

Schedule Time To Work On Your Business
If you truly want to spend quality time on your business, you have to calendar it. Get out your calendar, select some time, and hold that timeframe sacred. That means a potential client can’t sway you into changing your mind because “it’s the only day they can meet”. They will truly find another time if they are interested.

Plan Retreats
Don’t spend an hour here and an hour there. Hours are great, but it’s easy to get distracted. Instead, dedicate a full day, and get away from your normal work environment. Head to your local library, check with your chamber of commerce, or even head to a local coffee shop. Leave your mobile devices at the office, and work uninterrupted for the complete day on nothing but plans. It doesn’t have to be every week – just once or twice per year can do wonders for your business.

Work With A Coach
There are many different types of coaches, and all can offer you valuable insight into your life. Try out different coaches, and use the time to concentrate on building what you truly desire. All of the greatest athletes, the top business owners, and the most successful people in the world use coaches. You can’t get there alone.

Plan Your Personal Life Too
When we think about goals and strategies, we usually think from a business point of view. But how will your business impact your personal life? What are your personal goals? How can your business help you achieve them? If your top goal is to travel the world, how can you change your photography business to help you achieve that? Never forget that the reason you went into business for yourself is to enjoy your life on your terms. That means business, personal, and everything in between. Make sure you look at the two together throughout all of your plans, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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