Are Your Deliberately Ignoring Your Photography Customers?

Tuesday morning I opened up my email account, and staring me in the face was over 10,000 new emails.

I calmly hit my “delete” button, and quickly wiped away all 10,000 emails without a care in the world.

As a business owner online, I understand email is a part of doing business. In fact, I’m online and communicate online nearly every day, and honestly can’t imagine life without my email. But I also know email can be a problem as you ask for information, and give your email out to multiple businesses. Let me give you some tips to start your New Year out on a positive note.
Tip 1 – Open up multiple accounts, and direct traffic to different accounts.
I have several accounts, and several accounts, in addition to the email addresses I use to run my business. I use these for newsletters and other promotional items. Several of the accounts I use exclusively knowing I will be receiving tons of junk mail – hence my 10,000 emails on Tuesday morning. But it doesn’t bother me, because I know what this account is used for, and I know I’ll never open any of the email up. I simply hit delete. I concentrate on the quality email that comes into my business accounts.

Tip 2 – If you own a business, invest in a professional email address.
Nothing shows professionalism more than using your name and website address as a part of your email address. Plus you can give out your email knowing people will also have your website address at the same time. Check with your webmaster or hosting company; most companies offer you multiple email addresses to correspond with your website. With our websites, we offer an unlimited amount of email addresses with every account. You can forward your email address into your existing email file, making it easy for you to monitor your email regularly.

Tip 3 – Treat your email like you do your phone.
You would never have an unlisted phone number for your business, no one would find you. Likewise, your email address should be readily available to anyone who has the desire to email you. Place your email address on every page of your website, and share it on your business card and other marketing materials. If you’re worried about the security of your email, create it as a graphic rather than a live link. The important thing is to have the access to the information.

Tip 4 – Don’t trust your AOL account.
Even though many people are still using AOL, it’s not an effective way to handle email, especially for a business. AOL has so many s*pam filters attached, it actually stops a great majority of email from flowing in (and out) of your account.

Tip 5 – Avoid using harsh filters on your own business account.
Though s*pam is a problem, you have to think of it as a part of doing business. The last thing you want to do is to frustrate a potential customer because they can’t reach you.

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