Being The Storyteller And Getting PaidT o Do It

How do photograph your weddings?

Are you a portrait taker, that has a list of shots your bride wants taken at the wedding and reception?

Or do you go with the flow, taking photographs throughout the day based on what’s happening?

The key buzzword in the industry in photojournalism. Yet few photographers are actually photojournalistic. Photojournalistic doesn’t mean taking a few snapshots between the formals. It means you look at the entire day as an artistic experience, and document what’s happening with very little posing, very little communication, and very little interaction between the photographer and the clients/guests.

It means becoming a storyteller, and watching for things that happen around you to make it a memory. It’s about constantly watching for action and reaction. It’s about turning away from the main focus, to find out how people are reacting to it. It’s about being aware of everything around you, and being ready for that magical image.

Everyone gets the cake image.

wedding reception photography

But how about the cake after the bride and groom have cut their first piece together?


Everyone gets an image of the ceremony.


But how about from an entirely different angle?

wedding ceremony photography

Look around you, and find things from different angles, using different lenses, or different perspectives.

How about the view from the bridal table?


Or a full motion view of the bride and groom heading up the aisle as husband and wife.


Or a view of the ladies getting ready for the big day.


The story is there. It’s just a matter of finding it.

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  1. Great reminder. I often tell myself and clients that we do the photojournalistic style, but it’s easy to get caught up in the posed images and forget the spontaneous ones. Love your image of the cake after the couple has had their first bite! Great idea.



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